Vitalmix Energia Complex 12 Vials

Vitalmix Energia Complex 12 Vials from Venus Distribution Malta is a Ginseng food supplement that contains a tonic and adaptogenic effect. In other words, this supplement helps the body to adjust to daily stressors and strengthens the nervous system with increased resilience. In addition, it enhances the functioning of the adrenal glands to help prevent adrenal fatigue. By restoring, maintaining, and improving the functioning of the adrenal glands and the nervous system, individuals are able to experience a great feeling of well-being and proceed through their day with more energy, focus, and clarity. In turn, this helps individuals to be more productive and cope with stress in a healthy way.

Vitalmix Energia Complex 12 Vials

How Do I Know if Vitalmix Energia Complex 12 Vials is For Me?

Vitalmix Energia Complex 12 Vials helps improve the nervous system, adrenal glands, and other bodily functions. It also provides individuals with increased energy and equips them to handle stress in a healthy way. In addition to Ginseng, the supplement has Niacin and Magnesium, both of which are recognized for combatting fatigue. In addition, Vitamin B12 promotes a healthy metabolism, and Goji extract provides an antioxidant effect. In essence, adaptogens and tonics have historically been used for health maintenance and as a preventative method for increased wellness.

How Do I Take Vitalmix Energia Complex 12 Vials?

Each of the 12 vials contains 12ml, and 1-2 of these vials can be consumed per day. The best way to take Vitalmix Energia Complex is to shake the vial until the powder is dissolved as much as possible. When you open it, it is normal if some powder is expelled, as it may not have dissolved completely. In addition, portions of this supplement that are not completely dissolved may affect the color or flavor, but this is nothing to worry about. After taking your vial of Vitalmix Energia, be sure to tuck the remaining vials in a place that is cool, dry, and that cannot be reached by children under the age of 3 years old.

How Soon Will I Receive Vitalmix Energia Complex?

Venus Distribution Malta can have your Vitalmix Energia Complex delivered to you in 1-2 days to Malta and Gozo.


Venus Distribution Malta is proud to offer Vitalmix Energia Complex 12 Vials. This food supplement is great for restoring, maintaining, and improving wellness and energy. Its tonic and adaptogenic effect increases the body’s capacity to deal with stress in a healthy manner and to keep the adrenal glands from becoming fatigued. With only a 1-2 business day delivery period to Malta and Gozo, the plant-based ingredients in this supplement are designed to strengthen the nervous system and body as a whole. However, it is important to remember that food supplements should never be used in place of a balanced and healthy diet but instead can be used in conjunction with it to provide optimal health and wellness levels. If this product is of interest to you, you may also want to consider Venus Distribution Malta’s Vitalmix Energia Junior 12 Vials or Vitalmix Energia Mente 12 Vials. For any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to us by either calling +356 99608245 or sending us an email at today!

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