Our mission is to provide our customers and partners with top quality health and beauty products. Our blogs provide premium advice and in-depth product reviews to assist you in embracing yourself and enhancing your daily self-care regimen. Originally inspired by the lack of beauty, health and skincare products on the island of Malta, we launched our business in 2015 and our eCommerce store in 2019. We proudly distribute cosmetics, health supplements and dermal fillers.

We provide the best brands so that you can relax, feel good about yourself and focus on what is important to you. Our premium brands include Long Lashes Forever, Skin IV, SoftFil, Medixa and many more. In addition, dermal fillers are available for sale to selected and licensed physicians. However, all other products listed on our website are immediately available and accessible.

With much effort and a proven track record, Venus Distribution Malta has continuously evolved as a premium distributor and online retailer for the latest health and beauty products for men and women alike. We know that you can feel and operate at your absolute best when you have all the products you need to improve your health, beauty, and skincare routine. Venus Distribution Malta is dedicated to the health, needs and comfort of all its customers.

Our Maltese company proudly portrays an authentic and exuberant vibe for anything which is health and beauty related. Venus Distribution Malta makes it a goal to take care of its customers by providing the following: free shipping on all local orders above 25 euros, free gifts with every purchase, special offers and promotions, and a website that is ultimately safe, secure and easy to access on all available platforms. Your journey to a new and improved you is simply one click away. Venus Distribution Malta is here for you 24/7 to provide you with premium products, address your concerns and fulfill your orders in a timely and professional manner.

Furthermore, if you wish to partner with Venus Distribution Malta today, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We regularly partner with leading, cutting-edge companies and premier distributors to ensure our customers have consistent access to the highest quality of health, skincare and beauty products worldwide. In addition, we collaborate with distinguished practitioners and professionals in the medical field so that they can offer their patients the finest and most cutting-edge products on the market. If you wish to explore ways of working together and join in the mission and vision of Venus Distribution Malta, we would be delighted to hear from you. Contact us today!