BioenergeticLab was founded in 2012 by Gabriele Bilancini, who has a background in nutraceutical and aesthetic medicine. The company has three specialist lines within their product ranges: nutraceuticals, sports nutrition and aesthetics. BioenergeticLab is continuing to evolve as a brand, with a focus on integrated medicine. Along with the nutritional side of health, the brand focuses on a more balanced approach to restore the strength of your body.
The company works with doctors and pharmacies across Italy and is starting to expand outside the region. With over 10 years of operations, BioenergeticLab offers its products in over 20 regions, with over 30 certified products in their three category ranges and collaborate with more than 200 doctors.

We offer three of BioenergeticLab’s signature products and food supplements that tackle everything from inflammation to your immune system. 


Probit is the brand’s food supplement with symbiotic action. This supplement is made up of lactic ferments and helps your body digest proteins. It contains MGP Gold and probiotic lactic yeast and comes in a capsule form. The papaya fruit used in this supplement promotes the normal functioning of your gastro-enteric system. Papain is an enzyme that acts as an acid and alkaline PH that helps with the digestion and demolition of food proteins so they can be easily absorbed into your system.


BioenergeticLab’s NK Life is an immunomodulating food supplement that promotes a balanced immune system. The NK Life supplement works to boost your body’s natural defences. The supplement is based on lentinulaedodas, a food mushroom used in Japan. It contains AHCC compounds and wasabi that makes up the gasto-resistant vegetable capsules. You can take 2 or 4 supplements per day on an empty stomach before eating.

The BioenergeticLab supplements are designed to be easily incorporated into your life as a way of improving your overall wellness. Their products are simplistic and minimalistic, focusing on a small list of ingredients that support the inner workings of your immune and digestive systems.Along with sports nutrition and supplements, BioenergeticLab also offers aesthetic products. The brand’s CLH Advance Medium uses divinyl sulfone as a cross-linking agent to create a more stable bond. CLH Advance is long-lasting and an easy-to-use filler that is a popular choice amongst aestheticians. It incorporates a high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. The fillers are available in a ‘medium 2’ and ‘strong 3’ variant.With a growing focus on our inner wellness, it’s never been a better time to start incorporating health supplements into your diet and routine. BioenergeticLab is one brand you want to check out when considering which supplements will work for you and your health needs. We offer the three leading types of supplement from BioenergeticLab, along with a series of other health supplement brands that you can choose between.The BioenergeticLab supplements are for sale to the general public. It is our policy to only offer aesthetician products to commercially licensed clinics and spas. Make sure to keep checking back as we continue to expand our range of BioenergeticLab products. You can find out more about BioenergeticLab by checking out the brand’s official website.