Long4Lashes by Oceanic is one of the most innovative brands in the beauty industry, focusing on serums, mascara and microblading products that are packed full of active ingredients. The mission of Long4Lashes is to bring a “new dimension of efficacy” to the industry with clinically proven results and dermatologist approved formulas. 

Oceanic is a brand that promotes itself as a ‘skin care expert’ and is the parent company behind Long4Lashes. The Polish brand was established in 1982 and remains one of the most popular beauty brands within Eastern Europe.


If you’re someone who is jumping on the ‘natural beauty’ trend, this brand is a must-have for your everyday routine. Everything from their Long Lashes Forever Serum to Microblading Pen works by nourishing your brow or lash hairs to improve their appearance and give you unbeatable results. 

One of our favourite features is that the Long4Lashes range is cruelty-free and 100% dermatologically tested. The products are kind to your skin and the world around you.

The standout product from the brand is their Long Lashes Forever Serum, which is designed to give you visible results within 21 days. The Long4Lashes products combine the latest technological developments with high-quality ingredients and scientifically backed and dermatologist approved formulas. This unique combination has earned Long4Lashes a dedicated fan following within the beauty industry, particularly amongst professional salons and makeup artists.

Long4Lashes offers an extensive range of beauty products, including eyelash and eyebrow care. Their leading products focus on stimulating eyelash and eyebrow growth, while their haircare line offers something for both men and women. Whether your concerns are dandruff or hair loss, the ingredient complex within their haircare range nourishes and strengthens your hair.

Each product is designed to be used in unison to give you the best visible results possible to improve the condition of your natural lashes and brows. What makes this brand so attractive is that its products are designed for women at every stage of life.

Hair loss and thinning is something that can happen at any stage, whether it’s after an illness, pregnancy, or as the result of stress. Long4Lashes promotes the idea of embracing your inner beauty by nourishing and improving the condition of your hair through scientifically proven formulas.

Their products have been tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists to ensure their safety and usage for women across the spectrum. As a brand that focuses on tackling hair loss and thinning, Long4Lashes has been certified as safe for chemotherapy patients to use to promote and protect the growth cycle.

The Long Lashes Forever serum promotes the growth cycle to help give you fuller and thicker-looking lashes. It works by conditioning the lashes and protecting the follicles, framing your eyes to enhance your natural features. This innovative formula is designed to be incorporated into your evening skincare routine to help strengthen your lashes.

The so-called ‘power formula’ boosts the vitality of your lashes by giving them a smoother appearance. The Long Lashes Forever serum is packed full of nourishing ingredients, including Hyaluronic Acid and Pro-Vitamin B5 to hydrate and strengthen your lashes.

Another best-seller amongst the Long4Lashes catalogue is their signature Enhancing Mascara. As a dermatologically tested mascara, it’s safe to use if you’re a contact lens wearer. What makes this mascara unique is that it strengthens your lashes and supports lash growth using a complex of active ingredients to improve your natural curl. The advanced formula leaves your lashes soft and flexible. You get the functionality of a mascara with the benefits of a growth serum all in one.

One of the most popular Long4Lahes products on our site is the Microblading Pen, a favourite amongst salon owners who offer the on-trend treatment. It’s one of the leading microblading products in Malta, with salons using the Eyebrow Serum in partnership with the microblading pen for premium results. This serum effectively strengthens and thickens the brow hairs to give you visible results.

The Eyebrow Serum incorporates the same signature ingredients as the Long Lashes Forever serumwhich enhance the appearance of your brow hairs to give you lasting results. What makes the two serums different is their applicators, which are designed for easy use to help you incorporate the products into your daily routine.

We’re the exclusive distributors of Long4Lashes in Malta. Make sure to keep checking back as we continue to expand our range of Long4Lashes products. You can find out more about Long4Lashes by checking out the brand’s official Instagram account.