Montefarmaco was founded in 1945 by Dr. Giovanni Colombo, a pharmacist based in Milan. The brand has a philosophy of being “together for your well-being” and goes to the essence of the brand. This Italian family-owned pharmaceutical company is focused on improving the health and well-being of its customers.Montefarmaco was one of the first over-the-counter medicines and dietary supplements to appear in Italy. It has grown from a small pharmacy to a team of pharmacists and an extensive network throughout Italy. Montefarmaco uses the latest cutting-edge technology to create some of the industry’s most innovative health supplements.

The brand’s philosophy is that well-being starts from the deepest part of your soul and can be improved every day. As we all become more aware of our health and general well-being, health supplements are becoming part of our daily routine.

Montefarmaco’s health supplements are designed to improve your overall wellness, including your physical and mental health.Montefarmaco’s vision is to search for the highest quality supplements and continue to innovate the industry through research and development. Since its inception, Montefarmaco has focused on innovation and technological development that can produce the latest wellness solution that meets the demand on the market. Montefarmaco incorporates its technological development through product and process innovation, along with commercial development innovation.An example of Montefarmaco’s innovation is their M-Cap System, their new packaging for the brand’s Lactoflorene products. This patented design is made in Italy and combines research and development with practicality. In three steps, you can use the products with a press, shake, and drink. The M-Cap System is designed for both consumers and the environment.Montefarmaco’s extensive product range covers probiotics, ophthalmic, energy, laxatives and oral health products. Their other products include throat and breath products, along with home care and pain relief. Montefarmaco’s portfolio also extends to mood-lifting and relaxing products, along with a skin health range and products specifically for your feet.The complete product lines by Montefarmaco include an extensive variety of health supplements that you can tailor to meet your specific health concerns and needs. Montefarmaco’s probiotics are offered through their Lactoflorene collection, a complete line of lactic acid bacteria with probiotic action that helps balance your gut. There are nine supplements to choose from within just the Lactoflorece range, showing the extent of the selection available from Montefarmaco.Montefarmaco’s oral health supplements are designed to improve the well-being and condition of your teeth from an early age through to adulthood. Their oral health products include Dr Brux, Detinale, and Dottor K.One of the most popular product ranges within the Montefarmaco portfolio is their energy health supplements. These products range from salt supplements to adaptogenic tonics and multivitamins for both children and adults. The extensive range of their supplements makes it easy to mix and match them together to meet your needs and health concerns.The Vital Mix combats stress, fatigue, and tiredness using a daily supplement. If you’re feeling dull or low on energy, the Multivita Mix restores vitality, while Briovitase works to give you the energy you need to deal with the challenges of daily life. ORSOVit is Montefarmaco’s vitamin supplement for children’s health.These product ranges have an extensive selection of options for you to choose from, whether you prefer to take your supplements as a food supplement or with drops.The Vital Mix supplements include the Vitalmix Complex, a niacin-based supplement with goji, ginseng, maca and magnesium. By comparison, the Vitalmix Energy food supplement uses arginine, beta-alanine, vitamins and minerals. This specific supplement is designed for athletes and active individuals to use before exercise or an intensive workout. Another example of Montefarmaco’s tailored supplements is the Vitalmix Energy MAN 50+ food supplements. It contains arginine, carnitine, vitamin E, Rhodiola, and zinc for men aged over 50.Montefarmaco’s other products include Sedipram 5, which restores a balanced mood and brings harmony to your day through tablets, drops and dietary supplements. These products are enriched with magnesium, melatonin and tryptophan.Health supplements are an easy way to look after your physical and mental health with a product you can easily incorporate into your daily routine and lifestyle. Montefarmaco is one of the leading supplement brands as its product ranges are tailored to meet the needs of every individual. Their products range from energy supplements for children to dedicated health supplements to boost your mood.Make sure to keep checking back as we continue to expand our range of Montefarmaco products. You can find out more about Montefarmaco by checking out the brand’s official website.