SoftFil is a French aesthetic medicine brand that is a pioneer in micro-cannula treatments that has created innovative injection techniques. You can find SoftFil products in over 90 countries across the world as the brand has an unmatched reputation for quality and safety within the aesthetic medicine industry. SoftFil offers the widest ranges of micro-cannulas on the market and is an industry leader.


Dr Sandrine Sebban, a Parisian aesthetic doctor, has been working on developing micro-cannulas since 2009. Her work has been transformative within aesthetic medicine as a safer, less invasive, and less painful alternative to conventional needle injections. The purpose of SoftFil is to optimise the injection experience by creating the tools that physicians want and that deliver the best results for clients.

SoftFil is at the forefront of innovation within the beauty and aesthetic medicine industries. The objective of the brand is to simplify aesthetic medicine while promoting safe practice. SoftFil has produced several ranges of products, including the Classic, Precision, and Essencia ranges of injection devices. The SoftFil EasyGuide is a patent-pending pre-hold needle that simplifies injections.SoftFil also offers its own skincare range that is designed to optimise aesthetic procedures and improve results. The superior quality of SoftFil products makes it one of the most trusted brands for aesthetic physicians and salons across the world.The brand is the creator of the infamous ‘Soft Filling Technique’. Hyaluronic acid has quickly become the go-to alternative to silicone and botulinum toxin injections, also known as botox.The Soft Filling Technique was developed by Dr Sebban and gives natural and immediate results for the client. It works by considering the face as a whole and allows for the natural restoration of the contours in the face by using 2 to 4 insertion points on each side of the face. These few insertion points are enough to treat the entire face.This method uses micro-cannulas, making it atraumatic, meaning it does not require anaesthesia. Soft Filling leads to fewer inflammatory reactions compared to needle injections and increases the client’s comfort before and after their treatment.SoftFil has a ‘people first’ approach with excellence and innovation at its heart. The brand has been featured in publications like Marie France, ELLE magazine, and L’Officiel.One of our best-sellers is the SoftFil Precision range. SoftFil offers the largest range of micro-cannulas on the market through their precision range. It’s internationally recognised for its innovative design and is comfortable for both the physician and the client.The design of the micro-cannula allows for easy insertion into the skin for precise product placement and optimal comfort for your client. The SoftFil Precision micro-cannulas are available in 23 sizes, ranging from 14G to 20G. This innovative product uses a round tip for greater safety as it minimizes the risk of embolization and vascular complications. The design is tailored to give you more control for dispensing the product with greater precision.The micro-cannulas have a graduated design to allow for this intense precision as the needle glides into the tissue and allows you to inject the product into the dermis of the skin. The micro-cannulas come in a siliconized stainless-steel tube, making it easier for aestheticians to use and more comfortable for the client.The most recent release from SoftFil is their Topilase product. It’s the first topical cosmetic dermo-adjust treatment. It works by reducing unwanted hyaluronic acid to help adjust your skin to reach the ideal level.Topilase is the first patented cosmetic dermo-adjust care product created by an aesthetic physician. This non-invasive cosmetic treatment models and unifies the skin’s surface and soothes irregularities and defects that come from excess hyaluronic acid. It has a patent-pending formula that is made up of 100% of natural origin ingredients.The purpose of SoftFil is to safely design the future of beauty, which is why their SoftFil Academy is one of the most popular training courses for aestheticians. It teaches the cannula injection technique.SoftFil is the gold standard of micro-cannulas in aesthetic medicine. We’re proud to offer this brand as its sole Malta stockist. The injectable SoftFil products are only available for sale for commercial use to clinics and spas across Malta and are not suitable for personal use. The SoftFil Precision micro-cannulas are categorised as a Class IIa medical device and are only for the use of healthcare professionals.Make sure to keep checking back as we continue to expand our range of SoftFil products. You can find out more about SoftFil by checking out the brand’s official website.